6 January, 2021

Prospectus_17th International Congress of Endocrinology jointly with the 15th Annual Conference of Chinese Society of Endocrinology

1. Demonstrate your company’s leadership in the field of Endocrinology;
2. Reach key academic leaders, industry researchers and clinicians;
3. Raise your Company’s visibility in the fiel;
4. Convene a corporate symposium.

1. Generate leads and new sales
2. Close working sales
3. Cross sell existing accounts
4. Interact face-to-face with current clients and prime prospects
5. Build on or recapitulate your brand
6. Promote customer relations and increase brand awareness
7. Launch new product lines
8. Survey attendees for feedback on current lines or new products
9. Gain insight on competitive products and message delivery
10. Conduct live demonstrations and hands-on presentations
11. Meet with key clients and industry partners
12. Keep abreast of industry trends
13. Conduct business intelligence on mergers, acquisitions, and investments
14. Build on business opportunities by interacting with diabetes professionals and hard-to-reach endocrinologists

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