6 January, 2021

Beijing Tips_17th International Congress of Endocrinology jointly with the 15th Annual Conference of Chinese Society of Endocrinology

    Beijing is located on the western coast of China on the Pacific Ocean. Beijing stands at the northern tip of the North China Plain.

    Beijing lies at approximately the same latitude as Philadelphia in the U.S. and Madrid in Spain. The city is 39% flat land and the other 61% is quite mountainous area. Beijing is surrounded by the Yanshan Mountains on the west, north and east while the small alluvial plain of the Yongding River lies to its southeast. Beijing faces the Bohai Sea, and the area is also called the Beijing Bay.

    The average low and high temperatures are14°C (57°F) and 26 °C(79°F). The rainy season has ended, so Beijing is back to its usual dry conditions.

    Summer clothes are still ok, but bring a cardigan or a coat to cope with morning and evening coolness.

    Time used in Beijing and all over China is called Beijing Standard Time. It is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8).

    The electric voltage in China is 220V/50Hz and the standard wall socket has threeconnectors (L, N and E).


    Tipping is not expected by service attendants in China, except for tour guides, hotel porters and housemaids.

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